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Castelo Branco is an inland city and municipality in Central Portugal. Castelo Branco gets its name from the prior existence of a Luso-Roman castrum or fortified settlement called Castra Leuca, on the summit of the hill of Colina da Cardosa. The population grew on the slopes of this hill.

The most important monument in Castelo Branco is the Jardim do Paço Episcopal (Garden of the Episcopal Palace). It is one of the most beautiful baroque gardens in Portugal and contains statues of allegories, kings and zodiacal signs, arranged around ponds, terraces and staircases.

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This year’s ICOPEV is organized by Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco and it will take place in Escola Superior de Tecnologia on September’s 29th-30th.


Hotel Rainha D. Amélia, Arts & Leisure

Rua de Santiago 15, 6000-179 Castelo Branco
+351 272 348 800

MELIÃ Castelo Branco

R. da Piscina, 6000-776 Castelo Branco
+351 272 349 280

HI Castelo Branco – Pousada de Juventude

Rua Doutor Francisco José Palmeiro EDF. IPDJ, 6000-230 Castelo Branco
+351 272 344 025


R. Dr. António dos Santos Amaral, 6000-348 Castelo Branco
+351 926 048 427

Casa 92

Av. Gen. Humberto Delgado 92, 6000-081 Castelo Branco
+351 272 322 398

Alojamento Girassol

R. do Saibreiro 2 A, 6000-197 Castelo Branco
+351 966 358 488